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Heating Installation & Replacement in San Antonio

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Did you turn your heating unit on for the first time in a while and realize it’s not working? Are you suddenly making an unplanned, major appliance purchase? Customers seeking heating installation & replacement in San Antonio need to look no further than the team of professionals at County Wide Service Co. We help our customers find the perfect replacement heating unit for their homes at a price they can afford.

Other reasons to work with us include:

  • We offer free estimates for new equipment purchases.
  • We offer financing options.
  • We hire bonded and licensed service professionals.
  • We are a family-owned service provider.
  • We provide services for all major manufacturers.

Our heating experts are experienced and trained to quickly and efficiently install your new system with minimal disruption to your life. We have many years of experience working in the industry and are prepared to handle any problem you may have with your furnace.

We realize that a new heating system represents a large-scale appliance purchase, which can be stressful when it’s unplanned. The cost of a new system is a sizeable portion of the average family’s budget, which is why we offer financing options, promotions, and coupons.

If you need a new heating system installed but you’re worried about the price, call our team at (210) 970-7122 to speak with one of our experts about financing and current promotions.

Choosing a Professional Heating Installation & Replacement Provider

Not all service providers are the same. At County Wide Service Co., we take pride in offering the best quality products and services to our customers at a price they can afford. We are a family-owned business that has been operating for nearly 60 years. Our team realizes the importance of providing realistic and manageable heating & replacement options for home and business owners.

Without being a heating installation & replacement specialist, it can be difficult to know exactly when you should replace your heating system. The average furnace lasts about 15 years with optimal care under the right conditions; however, if your system is starting to exhibit signs of premature wear and tear, it may be time to consider calling our San Antonio heating replacement technicians for guidance. If you aren’t sure whether you need a new heating unit or not, there are several signs that your system is failing:

  • You’re repairing your system often
  • You’re paying higher energy bills than normal
  • Your system isn’t heating your home as well
  • Your heating unit is making loud operating noises

While you certainly could repair your broken heating unit, replacing it may be a better financial choice if you are frequently spending money on repairs.

Why Professional Heating Installation Is an Important Service

When you are surprised by an unplanned appliance purchase, like a new furnace, it can be overwhelming. It’s tempting to begin looking for places to cut corners and save money. We understand because we have homes and like to find savings too! In reality, DIY heating installation and replacement services are not a good idea.

A new heating unit requires many steps to be installed properly. There are several ways it can be done wrong and cause problems for you down the road. When you have a professional do the job, you can rest easy knowing you and your home will benefit from:

  • Safety – Heating units require professional installation because the varying levels of these complex systems must be connected correctly to avoid safety issues in your home. Depending on the type of system, your heater could have fuel, intricate ductwork, and electrical wiring that can be dangerous if connected incorrectly.
  • Expertise – Every home is different, so installation spaces, ductwork, and wiring will vary depending on the home's age and size. Hiring an experienced and certified San Antonio heating installation professional ensures that your system will be installed according to the manufacturer specifications, which prolongs your system's life.
  • Energy Savings – A properly installed heating system will be more energy-efficient and cost less to operate. If a heating unit is improperly installed it can decrease the energy-efficiency of your new unit by 30%.

Call our team at (210) 970-7122 to speak with one of our San Antonio heating installation and replacement experts about upgrading or replacing your unit. We can also be reached via our online contact form.


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