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Comprehensive Heating Equipment Service

Are you currently in the market to purchase a new heating system or does your existing heating equipment need to be replaced? At County Wide Service Co., we handle all types of heating issues, from minor maintenance to replacement and new installation. Our San Antonio heating services technicians are trained to get to the bottom of any problem and help you and your family make an informed decision.

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hEATER Replacement

Every heating system, regardless of the make or model, has an expected lifespan. Typically, heating equipment lasts 10-15 years if it is well-maintained. If your heating system has started to act up and no longer works properly, it may be time to consider calling our San Antonio heating services experts and replacing it. Although the initial cost may seem large, you are making an investment into the value of your home and your family's comfort.

A few signs that you need our heater installation services to replace your heating equipment include:

  • Your unit is making strange noises - If strange sounds are coming from your unit--sounds like grinding or clicking--this could be an early indicator you have problems. Call our professional replacement & repair team for expert advice.
  • Your unit consistently smells funny - Is your heating system giving off strange smells? It's possible it's just dust burning off in the ducts. If that smell doesn't go away, it could be an early indicator that you are in need of our technicians to assist you with any broken mechanical or electrical parts.
  • System doesn't heat evenly - Often times homeowners will ignore that some rooms seem colder than others. If this is the case, it could be that the blower fan on the heating system isn't working and is in need of repair.
  • Your heating system turns on & off frequently - If you notice that your heating unit cycles for longer than 15 minutes to reach the set temperature or that it kick on four or more times an hour, this could mean that your system is short cycling.
  • Your unit pumps out very dry heat - Gas heating systems, especially older units, have the tendency to pump out incredibly dry heat. If you notice an increase in chapped lips, dry or irritated skin, or dying plants call in our experts because you likely need a new unit.
  • Rising utility bills - Old units, especially those that aren't regularly maintained, tend to become less efficient over time. While you might not notice your unit's inefficiency in the heating level in your home, it might take up more gas or electricity to achieve that desired output. You'll be paying for those extra inputs so make sure to give us a call.
  • Old age - Most heating systems usually last between 15-30 years. While some might live for longer than 30 years, if your unit needs repair after repair and it's older than 15 years old, at some point it might be time to replace the unit outright.

If you are unsure what type of heating system is right for your home or family, our team can assist you. We are trained to take all of the important factors into account, including the size of your home ensuring you get the proper airflow.

If you need San Antonio heating services, contact our team today to make an appointment.


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