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    • When Does My AC Unit Need Maintenance?

      Although the signs of winter may not yet be showing in many parts of the country, the weather researchers are already thinking ahead. The predicted temperatures for any season affect many services and ...

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    • What Was The Population Growth In South Texas After The Invention Of Air Conditioning?

      Advances in modern technology have made it easier for people to see nearly all parts of the continental US as being entirely habitable. In reality, however, there are some places that people simply ...

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    • Discover The Benefits Of Air Conditioner Maintenance

      If you wait until your AC has broken down before servicing it, you could be making a hugely expensive mistake. Just like many other mechanical devices, the most cost-effective way would be to get the ...

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    • Dry Weather Creating Elevated Fire Risk For Local Residents

      The extreme dry temperatures in the US cause concerns every year. Although the heat might be perfect for festive celebrations, it is still a fire risk. This means if you are planning on having a ...

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    • What Summer Heat Advisories Are And How You Should Respond To Them

      At County Wide Service Co. that newscasters do more than report on recent, local and world events. They also inform the public of developments that could be potentially detrimental to their health. ...

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    • Geothermal Home Heating And Cooling Systems? Good For The Environment And Your Budget?

      At County Wide Service Co. , the best cooling and heating systems keep homes cool in the summer and warm in the winter. These units will also cut utility bills by up to 50 percent and help save the ...

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    • Energy Saving Tips For Your Home Cooling And Heating Needs

      Turning your HVAC system on to either heat up or cool down your house probably accounts for the vast majority of your home energy bill. In most areas, there are few days throughout the year in which ...

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    • It Happens To Everyone

      Regardless of how old your home or home heating system is, there will come a time when it needs to be repaired or maintained – or both. The business of County Wide Service Company knows the ins and ...

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