Although the signs of winter may not yet be showing in many parts of the country, the weather researchers are already thinking ahead. The predicted temperatures for any season affect many services and products. When it comes to San Antonio HVAC air conditioner installs San Antonio TX homeowners recognize the importance of regular checks and maintenance on the comfort appliances in the household. The winter of 2016-2017 is expected to produce lower temperatures than normal in

Houston is not often a location which is associated with cold weather, but this may be the year when homeowners are hit by dropping temperatures. Cold temperatures can cause an increase in the demand for heating oil and may cause electrical usage to reach record temperatures, as homeowners push the thermostat up a notch or two in hopes of staying warm. Since Houston is known for a higher than average humidity, the drop in temperatures which is predicted may feel even cooler than on a typical winter day.

Although the science of weather forecasting is not perfect, it has come a long way as the science is better understood. Mankind also has a growing number of technological advances which permit a better forecast from a greater distance in time. Although winter doesn’t officially arrive for two more months, the forecast of 2016 is suggesting that residents of Houston should be prepared for an onslaught of colder weather than has been seen in the past several years.

Advance knowledge of the likely trends allows for preparation. Some of the specific preparation efforts which can be made before winter arrives are to think about the requirements for the family or the household which might be needed to ward off the cold weather. Older people and infants are particularly vulnerable to cold, so the make-up of the household will be important in making cold weather plans.

Checking on the operation of the heating and air conditioning system of the residence is an action which should be taken on a regular basis. Our San Antonio heating & air conditioning technicians recommend that a thorough review of the system should be done at least twice annually, once before the winter sets in and again before the hot weather arrives.

The household that is on a maintenance plan will likely be reminded when it is time to perform the semi-annual checks. The process doesn’t take long when an experienced technician is completing the actions.

Every part of the system will be reviewed, cleaned and checked for correct operating tolerances. Any parts that are in need of adjustment are fine-tuned to the correct level. Parts that are in need of replacement will be fitted with the highest quality after-market units.

In instances where the system is aging and has outlived its useful life, the installation of a new and more energy efficient system may be recommended. The technicians are familiar with the operating efficiencies of the latest technology. The newest products on the market may actually be able to pay for themselves in cost savings over a relatively short period of time.