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Understanding How Humidity Affects our Comfort

Humidity is one of those things that we don’t think about until it affects us.

We know it’s too humid when everything feels damp and muggy. We know it’s not humid enough when our skin is dry, our lips are cracked, and you can’t touch a doorknob without a jolt of static electricity.

The proper humidity level in your home is necessary in order to feel comfortable. Too much or too little humidity can also begin to affect your health.

At County Wide Service Co., we know that a home with too much humidity is at risk for mold and mildew problems. Mold generally isn’t a problem unless it starts growing due to excess moisture. Mold can exacerbate allergies and cause allergy symptoms in those who aren’t allergic. It can also cause asthma attacks and other nose, throat, or eye irritations.

Too much humidity could be a result of improper door/window or construction seals, improper drainage for water runoff, or it’s just a natural occurrence in your area. Using a dehumidifier will help pull moisture out of the air, reducing the likelihood that mold will grow, but it is important to get to the root of the problem for a long term solution.

Thankfully, mold won’t grow in a home that lacks moisture, but dry air can also make you sick. Your nose and throat need to be moist in order to trap bacteria and viruses, like the flu. Breathing dry air, and in turn drying out your nasal passages, increases your chances of becoming ill.

A humidifier can add humidity to the air, increasing your comfort. Humidifiers come in a variety of sizes and can be purchased in stores or online. To add moisture to your entire house, consider installing a whole-house system.

No matter if you have too much or too little moisture in your home, San Antonio HVAC installation company County Wide Services can work with you to find a solution to your humidity problem.