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Regardless of how old your home or home heating system is, there will come a time when it needs to be repaired or maintained – or both. The business of County Wide Service Company knows the ins and outs of Floresville heating repair as we have been in business since 1960. For many people, that is beyond their memory, and is only a point in time! But for the service technicians at County Wide Service Company it is a point where the commitment to delivering quality heating repair service began.

Think about it. The year 1960 was 47 years ago. Almost a half a century. There are not many national companies that have been in business that long, let alone a local company. Another indication of how much of an achievement 47 years is to the residents of Floresville is that it is a service company, not simply a business that sells a product to be shipped all over the country. It is a very personal way of doing business to each and every one of their customers.

Because every home will at one time or another needs the services County Wide offers, it is best to develop a long term relationship with each and every customers so when they call for Floresville heating repair they will see a familiar face and know what kind of service to expect. Many homeowners will have heating systems that are more than 15 years old, and the current thinking is for those residents to upgrade their existing system to a newer, more energy efficient model. If a homeowner cannot afford one of the newer units immediately we can arrange friendly financing so they can save money on their home heating costs immediately. But there are some people who simply like their existing home heating unit and want to keep it as long as they can.

For these people, a company that delivers timely and dependable home heating repair service is essential. Not only for the reason of having confidence in the service company, but to have someone who is familiar with the older heating units, and has experience with them. County Wide is a company that has been around long enough to have seen almost every type of heating system and most importantly, has actual hands-on experience with it. Add that to the personal level of confidence offered to every County Wide customer, and you have a match that will last longer than your existing heating unit.

Regardless of how old or young your heating system is, the time will come when you will need a service technician who is both competent and dependable to arrive at your home to provide Floresville heating repair. Something as essential as a home heating system should not go by the rules of the Powerball lottery, where you have a one-in-a-million chance of getting lucky. This is especially true when the El Nino of Mother Nature changes her mind and decides to drop ice and snow unexpectedly. Your home is your safe haven, and needs to be protected from the unseen forces of nature. The best place to start is with a company that has a proven history of meeting the needs of the community – County Wide Service Company.