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What Summer Heat Advisories Are And How You Should Respond To Them

At County Wide Service Co. that newscasters do more than report on recent, local and world events. They also inform the public of developments that could be potentially detrimental to their health. Summer heat advisories are among these reports, given that excessively high temperatures can result in serious health concerns. People who become overheated during the summer months can experience problems like heat stroke, heat exhaustion, asthma attack or even extreme dehydration. When your local news team issues such an advisory, there are several things that you should do right away.

Take stock of the length of the forthcoming heat wave and be mindful of just how high temperatures are likely to soar. Your local meteorologist will usually offer a time frame for record-breaking heat. This will give you chance to properly prepare your home before severe weather actually hits.

This is a good time to consider reflective roof coatings, new window treatments and awnings. All of these will keep your home comfortably cool even when the air conditioner is off or operating and on a low setting. These things are especially important for smaller homes that have window AC units rather than large and more effective, central cooling systems.

Turn on the air conditioner in your home and make sure that it is functioning properly. You do not want to wait until the temperatures are already excessively high before you take this step. If the system is broken or functioning poorly, this is something that should be addressed ahead of any seasonal spikes in repair requests.

Even if it appears to be functioning properly, have a local air conditioning company service your unit so that existing or pending problems are identified and resolved before they begin to spiral out of control. Your provider can empty condensate pans, change filters and check for damaged hoses and other components. Measures like these will keep the unit from breaking own during the advisory.

Check in on the senior adults in your family who have opted to age in place. These individuals may not be able to go through the process of tuning units up themselves. Schedule AC repair and maintenance services for your elderly loved ones as needed.

Create an emergency cooling plan for everyone in your home and extended family members. Should the power go out or if indoor cooling systems should happen to fail, you will need to have an alternative way to keep everyone safe. Make sure that your elderly relatives also have emergency cooling plans. You may even want to have your elderly family members come stay temporarily in your home until the advisory is lifted.

Also, make a point to upgrade the efficiency of your home overall. This way, your cooling system won’t have to work so hard in order to create an acceptable indoor environment. This will limit overall wear and tear, the need for repairs and your home energy bill. Take some time to caulk all cracks in building materials, invest in blackout blinds or other effective window treatments and consider the benefits of upgrading your windows and sliding glass doors.