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Geothermal Home Heating And Cooling Systems? Good For The Environment And Your Budget?

At County Wide Service Co., the best cooling and heating systems keep homes cool in the summer and warm in the winter. These units will also cut utility bills by up to 50 percent and help save the environment. In fact, there are thousands of homeowners already reaping into the benefits of higher comfort levels and lower electricity bills. Are you considering geothermal home heating and cooling systems ? Good for the environment and your budget? Find out if this is indeed true by reading the rest of the article.

Homeowners who opt for geo-exchange units are typically saving over 50 percent on their heat pump, oil, and gas bills. These systems will work perfectly alongside conventional water heaters and will save homeowners up to 35 percent on hot water costs per year. Geothermal units only use small amounts of energy to transfer warmth to and from the ground to your home.

On average, four units of energy are produced for every unit of power. This is a rather excellent figure compared to the conventional systems that deliver less than one unit of energy for each unit. With geothermal units, homeowners will save up to 70 percent when compared to ordinary HVAC systems.

Even the most energy-efficient furnace has a rating of 90 percent, whereas geothermal actually delivers up to 400 percent efficiency rating. According to the laws of physics, this type of HVAC system transfers heat without burning fossil fuels. It is therefore a more efficient comfort system than any other cooling and heating system.

Unlike air conditioners, there is no outdoor unit to install. A geothermal system works smoothly and noiselessly and it is very dependable since it is not subjected to adverse weather conditions or vandalism. The positive environmental impact of this system means it does not emit carbon dioxide, monoxide, or any other greenhouse gases that cause air pollution.

In addition to low utility costs, the consumer demand for this heating and cooling system helps minimize the need for generating electricity plants. The other benefit of this system includes lower maintenance costs. Although the initial installation cost for these units is considerably higher than conventional systems, the savings you will make will make up for this cost.

Some homeowners prefer to incorporate the installation costs into mortgage payments or loans. The savings they make on their utility will easily cover the loan or mortgage payment and as a result, the extra cash flow will be rewarded. This is a system that pays for itself within as little as five years.

As a bonus, this system can produce all your hot water needs at a fraction of the cost. Simply connect it to the hot water heater and you are ready to go. In fact, all the heat removed from your home during the cooling period is transferred back to the hot water heater instead of the ground so you virtually have free hot water all day. If you are therefore interested in installing such system in your home, contact your nearest HVAC company or find one of these reputable cooling and heating companies online.