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As the temperature gets warmer outside, the heat can become unbearable. Whether your existing heating system is failing or you don't have a central AC system, County Wide Service Co. can help. Our experienced San Antonio AC services can help you replace your existing equipment or install a new system if necessary. We can also handle any type of repairs your air conditioner needs.

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How Often Should You Have Your AC Serviced?

No matter what brand or type of air conditioning unit you have, you should call our AC services in San Antonio to inspect, clean, and service your AC unit once per year, usually in the Spring before the heat of summer hits. Giving your air conditioner regular attention will not only extend its lifespan, and help you avoid having to get AC repair in San Antonio but also save you from the hassle and expense of costly repairs.

AC maintenance tasks that should be performed regularly include:

  • Replacing the air filter
  • Cleaning the evaporator and condenser coils
  • Cleaning and aligning the fins
  • Inspecting for leaks
  • Checking coolant levels
  • Checking internal electronics
  • Lubricating moving parts

Choosing the Most Efficient Cooling System

If you are upgrading your existing cooling system with a new model, it is important to take the time to choose the most appropriate fit. With so many makes and models of equipment out there, the decision can feel overwhelming. Our San Antonio AC services have more than 50 years of experience and we are here to make the decision making process as simple as possible. We will help you consider all of the factors, including your budget, cooling needs, and the size of your property.

A few benefits of choosing a new AC system include:

  • Improved efficiency -
    having a new AC system will allow for your home to be more efficiently cooled. With the new parts and the upgraded technology, your house hold will be cool in no time.
  • Increased indoor air quality and comfort -
    With a cooler home, also comes cleaner air. When you install a new air conditioner the indoor air quality technology will be better than ever and offer a superior air purification process.
  • Decreased energy costs -
    When you use less energy, your bills will naturally, also be lower. It might surprise you how much money you'll be saving by upgrading to a more energy efficient AC model.

5 Ways AC Maintenance Can Save You money

1. Fewer repairs that are cheaper too - Our San Antonio AC maintenance gurus will catch your problems before they happen, or before they cause more problems. Not only will you be needing fewer repair visits, but they'll be less costly too.

2. Longer life-span of your unit - If you can get another few years out of your machine, that will save you a lot of money off of AC replacement costs in the long run.

3. Increased energy efficiency - After getting an AC tune-up, your machine will be operating at maximum efficiency. You'll be thankful for this when you go to pay your electrical bill each month.

4. More predictable costs - Nothing is worse than emergency repair visits eating into your savings. When you schedule regular maintenance from our San Antonio AC maintenance experts, you'll be better prepared for the costs because they're more predictable.

5. Can help you stay under warranty - Not every manufacturer warrant is the same, so make sure to read the fine print. But a lot of warranties require your AC to be regularly maintained by a trained professional.

We Will Get Your Equipment Running Again

Has your air conditioner stopped working, leaving your family without any cool air? If you have noticed any issues, such as uneven cooling or loud noises coming from your equipment, you cannot put off calling a professional. Our San Antonio AC repair technicians are trained to diagnose and repair virtually any issue you may have with your system.

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