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San Antonio AC Maintenance

Regular Tune-Ups to Keep You Comfortable

A lot of the systems we rely on require regular maintenance to continue functioning. We lean our drains, service our cars, and more, but many of us forget to include AC maintenance in our schedules.

At County Wide Service Co., we’re always available to take care of any air conditioning maintenance that you can’t’ fit into your busy schedule. Our licensed, bonded, and insured HVAC technicians are fully trained to provide the services your unit needs to function efficiently, cool your home effectively, and last longer than its average lifespan.

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Why Bother with AC Maintenance?

For some, the idea of calling the HVAC company when nothing is noticeably wrong with your air conditioner just doesn’t make sense. But the reality is, most noticeable issues that you’ll experience with your AC don’t show up overnight – they’re the result of months of wear-and-tear that accumulates every time you turn your unit on.

With regular maintenance, that wear-and-tear doesn’t have the chance to accumulate, because our technicians will replace worn-out parts and clean dirty components before your comfort can be affected. Not only will you be avoiding big repairs, but you also won’t experience subtle changes in your home environment – your unit will always be operating at maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Benefits of Regular AC Maintenance Include:

  • Fewer expensive repairs - Not only will regular visits from our San Antonio AC maintenance experts reduce the amount of repairs you have, but they'll likely be less expensive too as we catch problems before they get worse.
  • Better indoor air quality - As HVAC units age, they can affect your indoor air quality in ways that are uncomfortable so make sure to subscribe to regular AC maintenance to keep your indoor air quality pristine.
  • More consistent cooling - When our experts get into your machine on a regular basis, we'll make sure that you're getting as much cooling as possible from your AC unit.
  • Better energy-efficiency - As AC units age they become less efficient over time. This means that while your indoor air temperature will be cooled, your AC will need more electricity to do so which will cost you each month.
  • A longer lifespan for your unit - If you want to get the most out of your existing AC unit then make sure to contact us about regular visits from our San Antonio AC maintenance experts to put off a new installation for as long as possible.

Our Thorough AC Tune-Up Process

Our mission is to help you create an optimal indoor environment, and we can’t do that by cutting corners. Or AC maintenance process is designed to address every component of your unit and ensure no minor flaws slip through the cracks. We have the professional tools and training to open up your air conditioner and safely access the inner components without causing damage.

When You Schedule Maintenance with Our Team, You’ll Get:

  • A replacement air filter
  • Your evaporator and condenser coils cleaned
  • Your fins and fans cleaned and aligned
  • A thorough leak inspection
  • Your coolant levels checked, and if necessary, refilled
  • Your unit’s internal electronics checked
  • All moving parts cleaned and lubricated

Are Your Comfort Levels Going Down?

If you’re noticing subtle changes in your indoor comfort, an AC tune-up may be just the thing you need. Don’t wait for major issues that require big repairs. Basic maintenance can help you get the most out of your air conditioner all year long. Plus, it allows us to check your unit for hidden problems. That slight fluctuation in your indoor temperature may be a symptom of a much bigger issue, and by catching it early, you can avoid having to replace your air conditioner!

Contact us online or call (210) 970-7122 to learn more about our San Antonio AC maintenance options! We guarantee you’ll be 100% satisfied with the results we deliver!


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