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San Antonio AC Installation

Your Comfort Relies on Proper Installation

Getting a new air conditioner is unlike buying a TV wherein you can just purchase it from the store, take it home, and plug it in. Cooling systems are complex and would require the expertise of a professional to properly install it. Poorly installed air conditioners often lead to shorter equipment life, frequent repairs, and even higher energy bills. That’s why if you are in the market for a new air conditioner in San Antonio, you better contact County Wide Service Co. for proper installation. We not only do a flawless job every time but also ensure exceptional customer care from the moment we arrive to the completion of the service.

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AC Replacement vs. AC Repair

When you notice a problem with your air conditioner, the first thing that may come to your mind is to call for repairs. However, these issues are often just warning signs that it’s time for a new AC, and although repairs are cheaper than a replacement, it is not always the most economical solution in the long run.

To determine whether you need AC replacement in San Antonio, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is your air conditioner over 10 years old?
  • Is it frequently breaking down and costing you money on repairs?
  • Does the AC take a long time to fully cool your home?
  • Is your home not feeling cool and comfortable at all?
  • Do you notice a steady increase in your cooling bills?

If you've answered yes to any or all these questions, then you should seriously consider getting a new AC. Our experienced technicians are ready to explain your options and help you find the best cooling system that suits your needs and budget.

Helping You Choose a New AC

As an industry expert, County Wide Service Co. knows choosing a new air conditioner for your home requires careful consideration. You have plenty of options in the market, and we’re here to help you narrow down your choices.

Here are the important factors to consider:

  • The right size or cooling capacity for your space
  • High-efficiency rating
  • Noise levels
  • Available warranty
  • Your budget

Our company is a proud dealer of industry-leading AC brands such as American Standard and Lennox, so you can rest assured we’ll find an AC for your home that’s not only high-quality but also budget-friendly.


If you are upgrading your existing cooling system with a new model, it is important to take the time to choose the most appropriate fit. With so many makes and models of equipment out there, the decision can feel overwhelming. Our San Antonio AC installation experts have more than 50 years of experience and we are here to make the decision making process as simple as possible. We will help you consider all of the factors, including your budget, cooling needs, and the size of your property.

A few benefits of choosing a new AC Installation include:

  • Improved efficiency -
    having a new AC system will allow for your home to be more efficiently cooled. With the new parts and the upgraded technology, your house hold will be cool in no time.
  • Increased indoor air quality and comfort -
    With a cooler home, also comes cleaner air. When you install a new air conditioner the indoor air quality technology will be better than ever and offer a superior air purification process.
  • Decreased energy costs -
    When you use less energy, your bills will naturally, also be lower. It might surprise you how much money you'll be saving by upgrading to a more energy efficient AC model.

Financing Available for AC Replacements in San Antonio

If you are having issues with the initial payment of your new AC, let County Wide Service Co. help you. We offer convenient financing that allows you to receive the cooling system of your choice now while you pay later. For more information about our financing options, click here.

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