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As the temperature gets warmer outside, the heat can become unbearable. Whether your existing Air Conditioning system is failing, or you don't have a central AC system, County Wide Service Co. can help. Our experienced San Antonio AC repair experts can help maintain/repair your existing equipment or install a new system if necessary. We can also handle any type of repairs your air conditioner needs.

If you are upgrading your existing cooling system with a new model, it is important to take the time to choose the most appropriate fit. With so many makes and models of equipment out there, the decision can feel overwhelming. Our San Antonio air conditioning technicians have more than 60 years of experience and we are here to make the decision making process as simple as possible. We will help you consider all of the factors, including your budget, cooling needs, and the size of your property.

A few benefits of choosing a new AC system include:

- Improved efficiency

- Increased indoor air quality and comfort

- Decreased energy costs

- Increased temperature control

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Are you currently in the market to purchase a new heating system or does your existing heating equipment need to be fixed? At County Wide Service Co., we handle all types of heating issues, from minor maintenance to replacement and new installation. Our San Antonio heating technicians are trained to get to the bottom of any problem and help you and your family make an informed decision.

Every heating system, regardless of the make or model, has an expected lifespan. Typically, heating equipment lasts 10-15 years if it is well-maintained. If your heating system has started to act up and no longer works properly, it may be time to consider replacing it. Although the initial cost may seem large, you are making an investment into the value of your home and your family's comfort.

A few signs that you need our San Antonio heating services to replace your heating equipment include:

- Heater is making strange noises

- Heater consistently smells funny

- Heater doesn't heat evenly

- Heater doesn't turn on or off

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